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Montreal Expos Fans Should Respect Franchises in Dire Straits

Vladimir Guerrero Jr, Cards vs Blue Jays, 2018

In a Twitter conversation gone awry (I know, that never happens, right?) it became evident that some Montreal Expos fans were taking shots at the Oakland A’s or Tampa Bay Rays, and their fans, as noise of a relocation possibility grew. It honestly shocked me quite a bit, as I’d come to expect that of all fans in MLB those cheering for the Expos would know how painful it can be to watch your franchise struggle to keep its foundation in your city.

There’s a way to cheer for obtaining a franchise without stepping on others and their dreams. It’s a way that some may say comes with a touch of class, and one that shows empathy. But class, respect, and empathy are not the only reasons Expos fans should build relationships with the fans of each franchise. There’s also the fact that their fans know the players you MAY inherit better than anyone else, and they may continue to cheer them on if the franchise leaves.

Combined, those reasons call for BUILDING relationships between present and future Expos fans and A’s and Rays fans. Positive relationships that will allow for information to be shared and possibly a larger than anticipated group of fans to cheer that one franchise on.

So if you’re an Expos fan getting excited about the prospects of a return of MLB to Montreal, as you head out on Twitter or Facebook and comment on or converse with other franchise fans, it may behoove you to be respectful and mindful of their plights. Instead of antagonizing them, ask them questions about their better prospects, or their favourite players. Educate yourself about what they have to offer.

In this way, if and when a franchise lands in Montreal, you’ll either be more educated about the players on the team or those they will face. In each case, it’ll make you a better Montreal Expos and MLB fan, and you’ll enjoy the experience much more than if you decide to stomp on other people’s plights.

There are also many in MLB who also believe the Expos will only return via expansion.

Let’s be great fans, Expos fans, and show MLB how it’s done with a classy way of going about getting our franchise back in place and cheering again as they did below in the last Expos game played at Olympic Stadium September 29th, 2004.


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