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Welcome to ExR Everyone!!

The MLB season has just begun, with some series already in the books, and we’re set for an outstanding season. As many of you know, there has been a lot of buzz about the Montreal Expos possibly making a return, and investors have come out of the woodwork to make their voices be heard – whether to dissuade enthusiast or to voice their support.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to throw myself into putting together a Montreal Expos Community Website. Being a fan of the Matrix movies, “Expos Reloaded” came to mind, and ExR will be the acronym used for the site.

Hopefully with your help, this community will grown and will allow us Expos fans to come together in one location to share the enthusiasm, news, events, and eventually the return of our team – nos amours – to Montreal.

I’ll be working my way through putting up relevant information, and strongly recommend you also follow and want to emphasize that this site will be a complement to their efforts. While they do an outstanding job of growing the efforts of returning a franchise to Montreal and selling merchandise in the process, this site will be focused on historical pieces, past drafts, news, and editorial pieces that try to put together what may happen – or not – over the next few months/years.

Our site will endeavour to grow quickly, so spread the news of its existence freely, and come back often to check up on its progress!

– Mat Germain, baseball writer for Expos Reloaded and SB Nation’s DRaysBay, with more than 10 years covering the Toronto Blue Jays (Jays Journal) and Tampa Bay Rays. Still serving in the Canadian Armed Forces as a Reservist and Operations Officer for 413 Search and Rescue Squadron in Greenwood, Nova Scotia. Follow Mat on Twitter @MatGermain76.


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